We have particular expertise in the following markets
(although over the past thirty-plus years we have had experience in many other product and service areas):

  •  FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) – particularly food and drink
  •  Pharmaceuticals, medical & healthcare
  • VMS – over-the-counter vitamins, minerals and supplements
  •  Retail and Mail Order
  • We are also particularly experienced in interviewing the over 50s.

We are fully experienced in conducting focus groups, depth interviews (in-store/in-street/in-home) and quantitative studies.
We have traditionally used face-to-face methods but are now often recommending to our clients that in many cases online methods are quicker, more cost-effective and now achieve high levels of reliability.


Project Types

We have a wealth of experience with different Project Types:

  • New product development (and ‘old’ product development – such as line extensions)
  • Attitude and imagery towards brands and companies
  • Usage and Attitude surveys
  • Pre and post-testing of advertising
  • Product sampling and reformation
  • Packaging design and structure evaluation and evolution
  • Evaluation of shopping habits and in-store behaviour
  • In-store layout evaluation (aesthetics and physical attributes)