Pharmaceuticals, medical & healthcare

PPCR have carried our UK Medical Market Research &
Qualitative Research in Health Care

To date we have carried out over 200 projects in this specialised area

We talk to: GPs, specialists, nurses, midwives, vets and, of course, consumers

Example product types/categories we have worked on (often involving leading brands):

  • Analgesics
  • Cough medicines
  • Junior medicines
  • Vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • Homeopathic products
  • Natural/herbal remedies
  • Skincare
  • Sun protection products
  • Woundcare and medical/sports supports
  • Cold treatments
  • Laxatives
  • Contraceptives
  • Tonics
  • Headlice treatments
  • Hang-over remedies
  • Insect repellents
  • Respiratory products
  • Antacids/stomach ulcer treatments
  • Pharmaceutical company/brand imageries
  • Moving products from POM (prescription only medicines) to P (pharmacy) status and from P to GSL (general sales list) status
  • Pet-care products